Launching Design Planet!

By Alex
January 3, 2023
2 min read
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Founded back in 2016, Design Planet has spent a long time bubbling under the surface, waiting to emerge. And here we are today, we’re so excited to announce that we’re officially now open for business.

Design Planet was born from the idea that design can be used for good, to help create social impact for environmentally and socially conscious businesses. Allowing them to communicate their stories and sell their products across the world in a way that visually compels people to take action.

Who runs design planet?

Our studio is run by Creative Director & Founder, Alex Melville. Alex has worked with many amazing designers and strategists over his career that are experts in their field, and he brings them on-board with Design Planet projects when required.

We are a purposefully small and collaborative team, which we feel helps us to focus clearly on our deliverables, without over complicating our process with too many heads

What services do we provide?

We specialise in the creation of Brand Identities that need to be seen, Graphic Design that effectively communicates its message, and Digital Experiences built for the people of our planet.

Do you understand the benefits of effective design and bold thought?

Are you looking to discover more about how bold thought and effective design can help your business grow? Or perhaps how they can help your business create social impact?

Our next posts will cover more on these topics, so we can help you to better understand them. But in the meantime please do follow through to our website to discover more, or get in touch.


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